Following a bout with the Big C over 10 years ago, I began to see the world in vivid COLOR! Having always been a creative soul, but one who held back, I realized that I had nothing to lose. Never too far from my consciousness is the awareness that life is fleeting and that the moment is NOW. It is this wisdom that fuels the fantastic working groove from which my paintings emerge.


    In the last several years, I have loved playing in the realm of the abstract using oil, oil crayon, and cold wax medium. Every color in the spectrum makes an appearance on the surface. Scratching and drawing back in to the paint gives the work extra dimension. I can't get enough of this process!


    In addition, I am still working on my acrylic "family" paintings! Creating quirky, folky images illustrating the culture and folk from around the US has been a cornerstone of my work for over 10 years! Celebrations of gratefulness, clarity, color, compassion, music, spiritual journeys, life, and death give these paintings their spark and timelessness.


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    Come Hell or High Water Art Auction

    In May of 2016, we hosted an art auction on accelevents.com to generate funds for those affected by the unprecedented flooding in Northeast Louisiana and Southeast Louisiana. $8000 was raised and split between individuals and families living in the two regions. Thank you all who participated! We are so grateful and look forward to hosting another one sometime in the future if the need should arise.

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    Westside Cares

    Located on the west side of Colorado Springs, Westside CARES is a nonprofit which focuses on care and compassion for those in need by providing crisis human services. Westside CARES collaborates with agencies throughout the metropolitan area to ensure its clients receive adequate crisis intervention services. I am grateful to work here alongside some truly amazing individuals to help carry out their mission.